Urticaria or hives is a condition that occurs due to a skin reaction. It appears on the skin as bumpy patches which might be pale, red, or even pink depending upon the intensity of the allergic skin reaction. This could lead to the skin becoming lumpy and sensitive. This skin reaction is accompanied with swelling called angioedema, near the patches or welts. 

  • Types of Urticaria

Urticaria or hives is broadly classified on the basis of the intensity of the skin reaction and also how long it persists.


Acute Urticaria persists for less than six weeks. Chronic Urticaria can last longer, which is more than six weeks. This type of hives can be serious as it might be caused due to an underlying disease such as cancer and diabetes. It affects an individual’s lungs and even muscles. 


Physical Urticaria occurs due to external stimulation i.e when the skin comes into contact with a substance that you are allergic to or an irritant. Rash or bumps appears where the skin was stimulated within an hour or so.

  • What causes Urticaria or Hives?

Fresh  Foods such as nuts, eggs, milk , berries are more likely to cause urticaria than wholly cooked food. Medicines like aspirin, others used to regulate blood pressure and strong painkillers might also cause hives. Certain bacterial and fungal infections, pollen, dust and excessive sun exposure, insect bites can also lead to Urticaria.


External stimuli on the skin like sudden temperature change from hot to cold or vice versa can induce a skin reaction. Secondly, excessive pressure on the skin, exercising and sweating can further induces hives.

  • Symptoms of Urticaria Or Hives.

The following are some of the signs which might show that you have urticaria.


  • It can appear as red or pale bumps on the skin which might feel itchy.
  • The bumps or welts , as they are generally called may appear and then disappear again as the reaction becomes intense or decreases.
  • This condition can cause severe itching and swelling near the affected area.
  • Some people might experience pain accompanied with excessive swelling on the lips, eyelids and throat.
  • These aforementioned symptoms could become worse with physical touch like scratching the area, or even stress and physical activities.
  • Some people might suffer from these symptoms temporarily, while others would have to live with it for a long time.
  • In severe cases it can cause dizziness, feeling of discomfort, feeling of vomiting, wheezing , diarrhea and even shortness of breadth. In such cases, consult a doctor immediately.

  • What are the different Treatments for Urticaria?

 People suffering from hives should wear loose clothing, stay in cool places and use cooling pads to get relief from bumps and swelling. Allopathic treatments for Hives use Antihistamines , Oral steroids and even epinephrine injections. These medications provide temporary relief and have many side effects too. 


On the other hand, Ayurvedic and herbal treatments are proven to be much more effective in treating Urticaria. Some of them include-

  • Vedas Skin Care by Vedas Cure is the most effective composition for treating urticaria and all kinds of skin related issues including allergies. It has therapeutic  and healing properties. This is a complete package to treat all skin problems including urticaria and its associated redness, swelling, itchiness and sensitive skin.


It replenishes and heals the affected area and prevents bacterial infections as it has anti-microbial properties too. It softens the rough and dry skin and also evens the skin tone. It improves skin texture and appearance as well.


2.Skin Safe Herbal Oil is made from unique herbs which target Urticaria and also psoriasis. It gets quickly absorbed into the skin and provides relief from itchiness, swelling and redness. 


It also nourishes and hydrates the skin. It reduces inflammation and also works as an antioxidant. It moisturizes the skin as it contains coconut oil, sesame and flax seed oil and extracts. It reduces scaling and skin roughness as well. It has anti-bacterial properties which prevents further infection.


In case of severe urticaria, it is advised to apply this oil 2-3 times a day on the affected skin. With consistent use this Ayurvedic formula is sure to show results and soon the skin would become normal. Additionally, it would get rid of all dead skin cells, redness and would prevent the symptoms from resurfacing again.


  1. Wrightia Tinctoria Oil is also quite efficient in treating urticaria , psoriasis and other bacterial and fungal infections. It has antiseptic and hydrating qualities which replenish the affected skin and gives new and healed skin in no time. 


This oil has anti-inflammatory properties and gives a cooling sensation upon use. It also gets rid of dryness, itching, swelling and the bumpy welts. It can be used to treat all kinds of skin problems as well. 


  1. Kaishore Guggulu is the most effective product for treating urticaria and its symptoms. It also treats other skin diseases like eczema and also acne. This remedy purifies the blood and gets rid of all the accumulated toxins and acids. Since,  healthy metabolism  is essential for overall well-being, it works internally to get rid of external skin-related and other conditions. 


It heals the body especially the digestive system . As a result, it also removes toxins present in the skin pores and the upper layer of the skin. Thus, it detoxifies the body and gets rid of the itching, swelling and redness associated with urticaria.

  • To Summarize

Hives or Urticaria is not a serious skin disease in general but could become severe in case of some people. Those suffering from acute or even chronic urticaria are advised to stop consuming alchohol, use mild soaps and creams and try their best to avoid the triggers which might cause hives to resurface again.


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